Friday, July 2, 2010

say WHAT?!

I loved Michael's line in the courtroom, when he was talking to Lauren and he said "My work never comes before you." His work ALWAYS comes before her!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

send them to the cornfield!

Happy to see Sharon & Phyllis dressed appropriately to be running through the cornfield--tight pants and high heeled boots......

well duh

Chloe's "outrage" over Billy getting married to Victoria while drunk was pretty comical, especially when she ranted about what kind of an "influence" he was going to have on Delia now.

The same "influence" he's had so far: a shitty one.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

up and coming on Y&R

Jill plants a listening device under Tucker & Ashley's table to find out what they're up to.

She's wasted at RS. Jill needs to start her own PI service. She gets more info and faster than Paul, who can't even figure out Patti is talking about Emily's brother!

Lily sends her will and specifies that Mac & Cane share joint custody of the babies if Lily should die.

I know you can specify who you want to raise your BORN child, if you die, but would Lily really have any say in the matter IF she would die before the babies are actually born? And can she specify "joint custody"? Wouldn't that be the surviving parent's decision?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

life imitates art?

I don't know what a "fairly" tale is, but remember Crystal Hunt, who used to play Lizzie on GL? Yikes!

Their fairly tale love has a soap opera ending

It was a romance right out of a soap opera.

He was the dashing cancer surgeon.

She was the hot blond TV star.

He proposed over a bathtub filled with bubbles and water lilies, and slipped a five-carat fancy yellow diamond ring on her finger.

The engagement party was at her sister's Odessa home. The happy couple arrived by helicopter. They planned to marry this past September and live in the Tarpon Springs home she bought for $870,000.

But the romance began to unravel the day she got a letter from a stranger.

• • •

Now, Crystal Hunt, a Clearwater native who played troublemaker Stacy Morasco on ABC's One Life to Live, has called off the engagement.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

budget cuts!

Now I see why Billy & Victoria got married on the *cough*beach*cough* the same week we discover Adam is still alive. So Y&R could reuse that cheesy *cough*beach*cough*.

I'm guessing the Set Department worked really hard at this. They threw down some sand in the middle of the studio, brought in some swaying Palm trees from somebody's backyard birthday luau, and had Billy & Victoria get married on it.

Then they removed the limbo stick and the rum drinking "Jamaicans" with their really bad accents, Mon, and brought Adam and his lawn chair out and slapped them on the sand.

Speaking of really bad accents, Billy Miller was vacillating between his really bad fake Jamaican accent and his really bad fake Irish accent when he was reading the note with the video from his Jamaican friends, Mon.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

reality bites

I'm so happy that Y&R writers give us realistic storylines.

Take Nick getting attacked in jail. This sort of thing happens every day in real life and every day the accused murderer (Nick in this case) is set free simply because he's in danger from other inmates.

BULLSHIT! Nick would have been placed in solitary so he wasn't in any danger.

This show SUCKS when it comes to "reality".